Status Update

So, the other day my mom went off on the Pastor for being a sexist and talking down to women, which she was totally right to do. He told my ypunger brother to watch him “put her in her place” and that my younger brother would “love it.” My mom got on to the Pastor and with my younger brother found a motel to stay at. Right now we are paying about 60 a day and can’t really maintain that much without a steady income. What this means hpwever is that I have a little more freedom to do what I want and gives me more time to write and look for a steady job. But in the mean time, we still need whatever help we can get. If you can, please donate to my PayPal so we can get by for a while longer.


Three Weeks Without a Home

Three weeks ago today, my older brother kicked me, my mom and younger brother out of the house. Walking up the road, I suggested we stop at our old high school for help. Going there, my mom admitted she was suicidal and got sent to a mental hospital for a few days. My younger brother and I got sent to stay at the Salvation Army for a bit, which was the only option available really.

The next day, my brother and I helped a woman with cutting down some trees in a backyard and being the kind of person who tries to help the town as much as she can, agreed to help us find a place to stay for a bit longer. She paid us 25 each and even paid for lunch for ua, which was nice. Then unfortunately that Friday Harvey hit, leaving many more people without hpmes. They were in a much worse situation than us thpugh so I tried to just look towards our future and getting something a little bit more permanent. Since the man who was ran the shelter the woman was trying to help us get into was out of town, we stayed at SA a few more days.

Going on to Sunday, we were allowed to staynin the shelter all day as long as we attended church service. Because other mother was getting out that day, we stayed for the service which was pretty bad. Especially given the random bit of homophobia. We toughed it out and made it through the day. On Monday, we met with the head of our new shelter, a Pastor, and agreed to mpve in the next day and meet his conditions.

It was off to a pretty relaxed start. But it was not without a sign of the strictness we have been forced to live by since getting there. He has mandated church attendance for those of us staying here, which is garbage. “Believe what I believe or I won’t help you,” seems to be his thinking. Oh and again, random homophobia. Then come Friday he visits the male shelter where me and my younger brother are and at first is friendly to us when our housemates are around but then gets on the two of us for rules we did not know.

The next week, I began looking for a job after Labor Day, but as of yet that has turned up nothing. I got to write a story which as of yet has been the only positive in this situation. That is really the only thing of note I can mention as of yet, but trust me when I say these past three weeks have been the most unsure of anything I have ever been.

As always, there are those people who have it worse than we do. Alabama was not one of the states that got the worst of the two major hurricanes, nor are we those in the islands without power. But our situation still sucks, and we need help. The shelter head seems to think he’a entitled to mpney from me after we gave him the hundred for the month he asked for. So if you can help, please do. I know I am pathetic right now, but I have no other options. Please donate to my Paypal if you can, even if it’s onla dollar.Or hire me to write for you, as I am deaperate enough to do anything. Thanks for reading all the rambling and junk. I’ll contiue to look to see what else I can do.

Conservatives Want a Military Full of Mindless Killing Machines

This is nothing new really, but I still think it’s worth addressing in lieu of yesterday. “President” Donald J. Trump has said transgender individuals are unfit for military service. He says we are a disruption and are just mentally unfit. Like the drones they are, his followers spoke up, including cis gay Republicans. They think this dpesn’t affect them in anyway, but we as a nation have seen such unilateral violence and violations of basic human rights before and if Trump is willing to take away from one minority group, he will be more than happy to take from another. His actions extend far beyond military service and reach intonall factws of society.

The Right Wing want people to think beinf trans is a mental distraction. But the question then is, what constitutes a mental distraction? People with spouses, children, parents and siblings that they love when they go off to war have their families on their mind might be distracted or hesitent and thus ineffective to the military machine. So only cis men and women who are single with no immediate family should be allowed to serve then. Oh but wait they think cis women are overly emotional. So only cis men are allowed to enter the military. Oh wait again, men are allowed to feel anger, which is an emotion. So only robots and people with no emotions or just can’t think for themselves are allowed in the military.

See where the logical extreme the President’s tweets lead to? He and other Reoublicans want soldiers who only want to kill and nothing else. I didn’t get into specifics even of people of faith or PoC in the military, but suffice it to say the conservatives could make an arguement that those groups are overly emptional. Except they will name make that claim about cis white Christian men, which CWCM should be insulted by. Conservatives think you are midnless and unfeeling. Is that really how y’all want to be portrayed? But let’s step away from the military for now.

The ratifications of the President’s actions go beyond our armed forces. If, according to Trump, trans people are unfit for the military, what other facets of everyday life does he think we are unfit for? Leadwrahip positions in companies are out, according to him. Service jobs where we have to have face to face conversations with customers are a no go. Desk jobs are too stressful and demanding for our delicate trans minds. Sp if this all is why they think, then we are not allowed to have any jobs. Which in are capitalistic soeciety means we have no value to cis people. Whoch means we are not human to them.

That is why some people thinking because the military is what it is, trans people not being able to partake is good thing is such a bad take right now. Because the military exclusion is a small section of the bigger picture. It ia the beginning of a systemic destrution of our rights and personhood. It is, unquestionably, a violation of human decency. We exist. We have rights to everything cis people do. Why is that so hard to get? I haven’t evwn mentioned the fact that not every military job evwn involves killing. Cooks, mechanics, paper pushers, and so forth. That’s why the Conservatives arguments are so fundmentally wrong.

So, Trump’s actions are based on human rights violation. Simple as that, and we as a society should not take it. Cis or trans, gay or stripaight, none of it matters. We as human beings should let the presudent know of our dissatifaction. He should not hear the end of it, nor should his underlings. This monster should be called a job and life destroyer, and we should all slay the beast. Regardless of where we all fall on the spectrum of human existence.

Work In Progress

My life has not been easy as of late. Several things in the world are severely messed up. Too many distractions are around me. But things don’t have to stay like this. I am planning a big project again. I won’t go into details just yet only being a day in, but I will say it is another exhaustive one that requires a lot of research and thought. With that, I really am planning on being on Twitter less. Yeah yeah I said that before, but I have felt a motivation as of oate liie no other. I want this project to be big.

I’ve done a lot of character and wprld building in the past day. I like how I have things set up. My characters aren’t self-inserts for once. I am letting them breathe and be their own people. Because I view my characters as my children, it’s for the best they’re notnliie me in every way. There are some aspects of me there but they aren’t carbon copies. Each has their own path to walk, and that’s true of even imaginary figures. 

So this brief update was basically to just explain any shortage of me there is. I doubt it will last too long, but I have to do this. I can’t keep failing to make good on my promises. This is the time I have to take charge and put in effort. If I want this to be my career, I have to work for it. Thus, I will get back to work. Thank you all for being patient and understanding in advance.

Existential Insomnia

So, over the past few months I have fixed my sleep pattern and gotten up at a reasonable hour. But that doesn’t stop me from having bouts of insomnia. The past couple weeks have been the worst in that regard. Last week was graduation anxiety, while last night was something deeper. I had thoughts about how I’ve failed as a writer and a person for about half my life. Never writing regularly, not coming out sooner, just being a slob, and not writing the stories I want to. My weight and eating habbit factors into all of this as well. I hardly talk about things liie this but sharing it with somebody feels like it migjt help.

Since I was twelve, I have liked to write. Back in the day I was pumping out fan figs every day, unfortunately usually at the cost of something else important like homework. I would shirk responsibility to live life through things that were other people’s creations going through my problems, working out my identity by way of this. I was lazy, confused and frustrated. Even back then I was already who I was into romantically when most other lids around me were more concerned with… I don’t know actually. But it was probably something to do with Mormons because I lived in Utah at the time.

However, as I’ve gotten older and worked a lot of that stuff out for myself, my creativity has dried up it seems. Do I even want to write anymore? I think so but I can’t seem to ever really do it. I can’t ever think as I have too much on my mind. Being deeply closeted and my mom wanting to read my work is part of that. With me wanting to write LGBTQIA characters, but being unable to do so openly without outing myself when I am not ready, writing feels like a chore. I struggle to find words my conservative Wickedest mother would find acceptable. I know I should write for me, but it is difficult to do when I have such a controlling force in my life.

Next up is the fact I am just Lazy. Yes, with a capital L, for loser. Wait… Loserazy? That makes no sense. Anyway, I am kind of a procrastinator and I slob. I put off my writing, cleaning and getting fit. I wait until the last second to do something about anything. Telling myself that there is no harm in waiting, I fail as the problem keeps getting worse and worse. Something has to give if I ever want to get back on track. I am 24 years of age and have done nothing toadvance myself and not much to help others. I want to be better, if not for myself and career then for my friends.

Finally, I will be talking about my weight here so feel free to skip this paragraph of such talk if triggering to you. I eat a lot, mostly out of stress. That has led me to becoming fairly obese, but not overly so I think. But if I keep up the trend of sneaking snacks and soda ever time someone is not looking, things could get worse. I already have back and joint issues as well as poor blood pressure. If nothing changes for me, my life could be even shorter than I think. If I do not change my habits and work out a bit, I could already be at the halfway point of my life. I don’t like to say things like that, but at times like this they feel true. I need to take better care of myself.

I am legitimately trying to become a better form of myself before it’s way to late. I want to write, I want to come out publically, I want to become fit. For these wants to become reality, I need to truly believe these things and treat them as needs. To gain respect for myself and own up to my shortcomings. Forward is the path I should take rather than sitting on my butt. So, I need to work on believing and practicing all this. Even if it just means spending less time online for now. I will try to be a better me in the weeks and months in the days and weeks and months and years to come. I don’t know how it will go, but I have to try.

The Dragon’s Den: Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder #2

Welcome back to the Dragon’s Den! That section where I talk about fighting game material not connected to the games themselves. Last time, we were introduced to everyone from the games, plus some characters exclusive to this comic. Everyone had arrived at Shang Tsung’s Island, and everything was set up for the tournament to begin. But that was just a taste of things to come.

We open with a page of Liu Kang testing his might on some stone blocks. There’s some exposition in some blocks around him, giving his history; his membership in the White Lotus Society and looking for the highest levels of inner strength. After that, we see Johnny and Liu talking about Liu’s feat of chopping stone while Goro watches in the shadows. Or rather right around the corner, where he threatens them and breaks a piece of stone as well. Johnny seems to think he can take Goro, but Liu holds him back. A guard calls Goro to the arena, sparing Johnny a beating.

The first fight is the tournament is between Nicolas Cage and Kano. Sonya objects to this, but Nic Cage says that he must. The next page has Sonya’s partner grabbing Kano by the neck and saying he shouldn’t have expected Kano to fight fair… which I do not get as Kano did not do anything dirty yet. The fight was just starting. It might be because it looked like the Black Dragon head was charging hi eye, but I don’t know. Then the cop, Sparky shocks Kano. Suddenly why he’s called Sparky makes a lot of sense. He actually has a Pikachu in his Jax arm.

Sparky decided it’s good time to taunt the villain, telling him he will take the rest of his gang down after he’s finished. Kano says the special forces member is all talk, and demonstrates this by performing his heart ripping fatality. Which, despite being fairly simple, is a badass fatality. Sonya is of course pissed at this, and vows vengeance. This is actually a common plot point in the MK story in all it’s forms and variations. Kano kills Sonya’s partner before her eyes, and she wants his head. Actually integrating this into the tournament could be a good idea, but it doesn’t really work. Why is Sonya so driven to chase Kano to the ends of the Earth if it wasn’t so personal before this? I feel she had no reason to pursue him to this remote island in this story, rather than just try again another day. Sparky wouldn’t have even been killed if they just let Kano get away.

Sonya and Kano begin to rumble, but a guard tells her to stop it, as this is not a scheduled fight, and even tournaments run by evil masterminds have rules. She Chuck Norrises some guards, but then Kano appears behind her and detains her for acting out. After this, we go to a fight between Sub-Zero and the six-armed Grum. I do like the additional kharacters in this komic, but this guy is obviously just a poor man’s Goro. I say this because Subs freezes him instantly kicks him in the face. Grum is beaten even even quicker than Sparky, and had no back story or character and was solely here to be beaten, making him even more superfluous. These additional fighters are here solely to showcase abilities the game characters do in the games. I do not think he’s dead as Sub-Zero tells him to stay down if he wishes to not die, and then Subs is declared the winner. Adding people just to lose on page and make later fights between combatants from the games more personal could work, and does kind of work with Sparky despite my earlier tangent. But here, Grum is here to be Goro’s friend and to give Goro a reason to want to kill Sub-Zero. We already have a character who wants to do this for a much better reason, so this is a waste of ink and paper.

Sub-Zero gets thrown in the same dungeon as Sonya Blade, and we see formed there Siang in there as well. Afterward, we see Shang trying to get into the book once again while Rayden barges into his office and tells him though he can not compete, he’ll still play a part in the tournament. Rayden says there a rumors the tournament may be halted by Tsung; Shang says while it will be held, but he’s also distracted by trying to unlock the power of Tao Te Zhan. Also, Shang Tsung talks in Bob Dole speak. I have no clue why he talks in the third person. As in the games, the sorcerer says that after the Outworld wins their tenth consecutive victory, a portal will be opened and Shao Kahn’s forces will invade Earth. Rayden says “LOL yeah right” and we move on. Hydro begins fighting Johnny Cage and Liu Kang. Guards once again stop them. Johnny says they can probably take them, but Liu says they shouldn’t as they are guests.

Kano is going on a treasure hunt, but overhears Shang saying he has opened the book. The only thing that stops him from holding ultimate power now is riddles he must find the answers to. He then says he must tell Goro to put on pause as he must look for the answers. Kano says that HE must become the greatest warrior on Earth, and steals the book that the wizard STUPIDLY left behind. Way to go Shang Tsung, you may have just lost the one thing that may have made you more powerful than Kahn! But luckily, Kano wakes Goro up in his escape attempt. Goro knocks Kano up and strings him up from the walls.

Shang complains that the book got stolen, which would not have happened had he not left it unattended. After that, we cut to prison and the ones locked up there saying that something’s going down outside of the tournament. But the final warrior to speak is Sub-Zero saying HE is here. He of course being Scorpion, and we get a to be continued.
Final thoughts on this issues is that this comic is pretty decent, but nothing great. It jumps around between characters every few pages, seeming to want to make sure every character has development. While it is neat to see the interaction of the characters and the extra characters do add something to the overall story, some of them have very little purpose of being there. Sparky is there to be killed and give Sonya that motivation that lead her to following Kano to the island in the game’s story anyway. Sing/Sang have had very little dialog and been in zero fights. This being an adaptation being focused more on the story, I would not expect the comic to be all fighting, but this comic can’t stay focused on whose story it wants to focus on, changing focus too often. And even during fights, nobody shuts up. Show, don’t tell. The bit of Sonya explaining that Kano is now her worst enemy is unnecessary. We saw the guy kill her partner, we could discern that for ourselves. Next time, we’ll see if we can settle on one character to follow, and a proper introduction to Scorpion.

The Dragon’s Den: Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder #1 (Repost)

Hello, and welcome to a new segment (this blog has segments?) called The Dragon’s Den. I will use it to spotlight some media from fighting game series outside of the games themselves. Why? Mostly because I think there’s some fun to be had, plus I like the stories and want to explore them more in depth. In other words, I’m one of those people who likes fighting games for the plot. Anywho, time to dive into the world of a personal favorite of mine, Mortal Kombat. Today’s comic: Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder #1.


 The kover is descent; not really anything special, but it isn’t too bad. It’s just a bunch of the characters in various poses with the imposing figure of Goro looming in the background. Not a fan of the art either, but I’ve never been a fan of komic art, particularly 90s stuff. The whole thing is poster-esque and works well as one. Now on to the actual story.

Our tale begins by telling this is not a fairy tale. Namely because the prince the story opens on is Goro, who’s good nor fair nor kind like the ones in those tales. The Shokan Prince of Pain is berating some of Shang Tsung’s guards; telling them they are unworthy of their duties, and they will die by his four hands. Goro then murders the nameless mooks who probably had families. What a prick. (I know he’s evil, but how is murdering the workforce at all productive anyway?)

Tsung hails praise down upon Goro, and tells him that he is close to opening the Tao Te Zhan, a mystical power that will grant somebody ultimate power if opened. Afterward, we cut to Hong Kong, with some narration hyping the Mortal Kombat tournament. We also see the name of the issue is “A Slow Boat to China.” What could be finah?

Nearby the titular boat is Hollywood megastar Johnny Cage. (I never got why the hard C in his name has never been a K, but this is before they started all that krap.) His agents urge him not to get on the probably rotting boat, and Cage tells them he’s going to go whether they like it or not. He then stares out of the panel at the reader and says that this is his story. We then go to Sonya and her partner in pursuit of Kano. The Black Dragon leader is leading the special forces to Tsung’s boat. Also, Sonya’s partner is apparently Nic Cage.image

 Kano then jumps they’re van on his motorcycle, then drives the bike into the ocean and jumps on the boat as it pulls away from the dock. A box of text tells us the vessel is heading to the East China Sea, and to passengers eminent demises. On board the ship, the people being ferried pass the time and ease their minds by cracking jokes and swapping tales. One particular soul however is reflecting to himself inwardly, thinking about his home and the last time he was there. Liu Kang had left for the tournament on his own accord, despite his order already sending a representative. They are twin monks who can merge into one warrior, and together they are the greatest warriors since Kung Lao the Elder, and that’s why they are my favorite characters to play as. They’re combined body has a stupid green Mohawk. That’s essential to know. They are Sing and Sang separately, but by their powers combined, they are CAPTAIN PLANET. Or Siang. Whatever.

Despite this Siang being their greatest warrior, something in Liu’s beautiful, dreamy brown eyes makes the elder think perhaps Liu is the one who can really win. Makes me kind of second guess the great Siang. Kang is snapped out of his deep thoughts by a nearby fight, and decides to join the fray. It turns out the fight is Kano and some others ganging up on Johnny Cage. Liu Kang berates the assailants, which allows Cage do deliver his signature kicking move to the gangster’s face. While thinking the monk for the help, another man charges Cage with a club to receive a split punch to the nuts.

This turn in the momentum of the fight enrages Kano, but it’s sort of moot as Cage lands another flying kick to his face and Kano is iced. Kang says how they have made a lot of enemies, and Cage makes a quip about how Liu oughta see how life in Hollywood is. The narrator tells us that unbeknownst to the new found chums, they are being watched in the shadows by Below Freezing and Aqua!

Hydro enquirers what hubbub was, but Sub-Zero says it’s of no concern to them. But Hydro says Sub seems distracted, and Sub says it’s his throat injury, which means he is coming back. Hydro tries to tell his friend not to worry, that surely it will not be… AYAYAYAYAYAAAY.image

 Crap, Hydro had the power of Grayskull all along. Okay maybe not, Scorpion’s spirit was inside of him. Scorpion then provides exposition of how Sub-Zero killed him dishonorably in their fight. Scorpion says how he can’t pass into his clans hallowed halls in the afterlife until he’s had his revenge. He informs Sub-Zero that he could be killed once again and simply be sent into oblivion, but he’s willing to take that risk in the name of vengeance. He sends a blast the ninja’s way, but Hydro saves his friend. Scorpion vows to do anything to kill Subs, even if it means protecting him from others who attempt to do so.

Sub-Zero is then grabbed by the log metallic arm of Nic Cage, who is now on the ship on Sonya after chasing it with a speedboat. Sonya and Nic are just looking for somebody to tell them if they’d seen Kano. Sub-Zero says that the Lin Kuei cooperate with no one and destroys the photo, and it looks like another fight may be on the way, but a loud voice informs everyone aboard the ship that they have reached their destination, Shang Tsung’s private island, a magical place filled with so many wonders.

Shang welcomes them to the island, and begins to introduce the undefeated Goro. He is interrupted by Sonya, who ones again ask about Kano. He tells her that his island is outside of the U.S.’s jurisdiction, and that she is welcomed to stay, but only if she participates in the tournament. Tsung finishes up and then takes the competitors inside for breakfast. When Cage ask if everyone is there, Shang says there may be one more last minute entry into the Mortal Kombat tournament. The final page tells us that man is the God of Thunder himself, Rayden.

So, that’s the first issue of Mortal Kombat: Blood & Thunder #1. My final thoughts are that this is a really good comic. Introduces all the players to both the reader and even makes sure the key characters all meet each other. It sets as a perfect preface to the coming tournament, establishes where lines are drawn, and leave tensions high. It drew me in and made me want to read the next issue. There are spots where the writing is a bit dated and telling of the time, but it’s still a good read. Though a lot of the characters like Siang, Sparky (aka Nic Cage in this review) and Hydro are exclusive to the comics and probably forgotten by most fans (even those who may have read the comics), it still gives them a little meaning in the story and helps flesh out some story that had been missing from the game. All in all, this comic provided a great outlet for expansion of the mythology. Overall, worth a read even if you’re not a Mortal Kombat fan. It tells a good story on it’s own, and is a great introduction. I hope to see you next time in The Dragon’s Den.