Three Weeks Without a Home

Three weeks ago today, my older brother kicked me, my mom and younger brother out of the house. Walking up the road, I suggested we stop at our old high school for help. Going there, my mom admitted she was suicidal and got sent to a mental hospital for a few days. My younger brother and I got sent to stay at the Salvation Army for a bit, which was the only option available really.

The next day, my brother and I helped a woman with cutting down some trees in a backyard and being the kind of person who tries to help the town as much as she can, agreed to help us find a place to stay for a bit longer. She paid us 25 each and even paid for lunch for ua, which was nice. Then unfortunately that Friday Harvey hit, leaving many more people without hpmes. They were in a much worse situation than us thpugh so I tried to just look towards our future and getting something a little bit more permanent. Since the man who was ran the shelter the woman was trying to help us get into was out of town, we stayed at SA a few more days.

Going on to Sunday, we were allowed to staynin the shelter all day as long as we attended church service. Because other mother was getting out that day, we stayed for the service which was pretty bad. Especially given the random bit of homophobia. We toughed it out and made it through the day. On Monday, we met with the head of our new shelter, a Pastor, and agreed to mpve in the next day and meet his conditions.

It was off to a pretty relaxed start. But it was not without a sign of the strictness we have been forced to live by since getting there. He has mandated church attendance for those of us staying here, which is garbage. “Believe what I believe or I won’t help you,” seems to be his thinking. Oh and again, random homophobia. Then come Friday he visits the male shelter where me and my younger brother are and at first is friendly to us when our housemates are around but then gets on the two of us for rules we did not know.

The next week, I began looking for a job after Labor Day, but as of yet that has turned up nothing. I got to write a story which as of yet has been the only positive in this situation. That is really the only thing of note I can mention as of yet, but trust me when I say these past three weeks have been the most unsure of anything I have ever been.

As always, there are those people who have it worse than we do. Alabama was not one of the states that got the worst of the two major hurricanes, nor are we those in the islands without power. But our situation still sucks, and we need help. The shelter head seems to think he’a entitled to mpney from me after we gave him the hundred for the month he asked for. So if you can help, please do. I know I am pathetic right now, but I have no other options. Please donate to my Paypal if you can, even if it’s onla dollar.Or hire me to write for you, as I am deaperate enough to do anything. Thanks for reading all the rambling and junk. I’ll contiue to look to see what else I can do.


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